Frequently asked questions

Who is my supplier for promotion materials?

The Wave promotion materials are designed by PanAmerican Seed, but the materials are produced by well-known specialist suppliers such as Floramedia, Desch Plantpak, Modiform and Teku/Pöppelmann. Your order will be handled, delivered and charged by these companies, depending on the materials that you order.

Do I only have one account?

This web shop is designed to make it easy for you to order marketing materials. If you order materials produced by Floramedia, the transaction will be handled completely through this site. Your request or order for pots will be forwarded to the supplier of your choice and handled directly through your account with that supplier.

What is the minimum quantity that I need to order?

The minimum order quantities are low, as low as what comes with the minimum package size of the suppliers. PanAmerican Seed works closely with suppliers of marketing material and takes the responsibility for the minimum orders. This ensures a low price of the marketing materials to begin with, and it allows you to order with only small minimum quantities as low as the shipping package size allows.

Do I need to pay for the shipment?

For most shipments, a picking, handling and shipping fee may apply. This is also dependent on your terms with your suppliers.

Do I pay a license fee for the use of the brand?

No. You have paid for your seed or young plants already to your supplier. The cost of the promotion is carried by PanAmerican Seed. The marketing material that you order is sold at the lowest possible price given the volume that is produced does not include any marketing fee or license fee.

Can I print or create my own materials?

In order to print and use your own materials for any of these brands, or if you wish to use these brand names in your own programs, you will need to have written permission and approval of designs for the use of these brands. The use of brand is protected in order to ensure people are buying the correct product under the brand name. If you wish to work with us for your own program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use these materials for other products?

No. These materials are developed for specific products brands, promoting the added value of these products to consumers. The brand names are registered trademarks of Ball Horticultural Company and may not be used for other purposes.

Is the use of the brand obligatory?

No. The use of the brand is not obligatory. You may sell our product without the brand name. We recommend you use the brand name, so that you will fully profit from the brand promotion and recognition.

Can I use these materials worldwide?

These promotion programs are primarily designed for use in the Europe and neighboring countries. You may use these brands worldwide but we recommend using the corresponding promotion program for your area. For more information on the Wave program for use in North America and Canada, please visit

What does Multilanguage mean?

A Multilanguage marketing material provides text in four languages, which are English, German, Dutch and French. These materials are particularly useful when your product is sold in different countries of Europe or in areas with multiple languages. If your product goes to a particular area or country with only one of the four languages that are standard available, you may want to choose individual languages and make your product local for your customer.

How many languages are there?

Most marketing materials are provided in five different versions, which are English, German, Dutch, French and Multilanguage.

Can I have my own language?

Yes. We would be more than happy to work with you on creating additional marketing materials in your language. However, please note that in such case printing will be on demand which can affect the cost of the materials and the delivery time. Please contact us to investigate your options.